Mobile badminton courts

Our courts are mainly used in multi-purpose sports halls and tennis centres, where badminton courts can be installed on the required days and times. At times when sports grounds are to be released for another sport, the courts are rolled up on the support tube and cleaned up in a matter of moments.

delivery time varies from 4 to 6 weeks
the price does not include transportation, but we can arrange it for you


  • All prices are excluding VAT
    The payment is carried out 70% in case of binding order and 30% before shipping
    when ordering 4 or more playing fields, the price is individual

Technical parameters

It is best to install the court on a level and solid floor. Suitable for wood flooring, PVC, smooth concrete or coated concrete or non-granular carpet. The courts can also be used on sports carpet surfaces with backfill, but it is recommended to remove the granulate as much as possible.

PVC material, glass fibre mesh stabilized, non-slip surface finish
mechanical memory of the material ensuring its adhesion to the floor
the court is wound on a supporting tube
reaction to fire: EN13501-1
blue surface with yellow lines or green surface with white lines

Multi-part badminton courts

Two-part court and four parts court is delivered with special adhesive tape. Court 6,67 x 15m in two parts and court 7,2 x 15,4m in two-part or four-part. When ordering 6 or more pieces, the court can be produced in optioned format and in different colours. The price is set individually for these non-standard orders.


The warranty is 5 years on quality stability. It does not apply to mechanical damage, damage caused by the use of badminton courts for other purposes. However, our courts have been used in sports facilities for more than 10 years.

Court manipulation – video instructions